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I don't know what to think at all anymore.

I was sent here on a mission. I was supposed to impersonate the Eight model called "Boomer", because the human laying next to me had feelings for her. The plan was simple, really. Get him to fall completely in love with "me" -- or at least, the me that he thought I was -- and then frak. Love was the one key ingredient Cylons were missing when it came to reproduction, so if we could get, then maybe we'd have a shot at a human-Cylon hybrid and a way to continue our race.

It was, after all, the one thing humans had that we never did.

The Six model beat me up to make it look like I'd really been kidnapped, and then the human (Helo, that's his name) could rescue me. We assumed that playing the hero would help speed along the process of getting him to fall in love. Several obstacles were put in the way so that Helo and I would have to work together on Caprica to "escape" the Centurians chasing us.

And then... in the rain... he looked at me and I knew I had him. He kissed me, we pulled at each other's clothes, and frakked. Now, I'm awake, watching him, and I'm confused I'm pregnant, and it's going to be a girl, but I don't want him to die. I don't want the Cylons to have this baby, either. I don't know much of anything anymore except that I think... I think...

I think I love him.

What is love, anyway? All I knew before I met Helo was God's Love. These are human feelings, and I think I can see why the Eight called Boomer got so frakked up so easily. Sure, she doesn't know she's a sleeper agent, but it's so simple, really.... so easy to just fall into this human emotion of warmth, comfort, safety... of having another living being care so much for you that they would be willing to risk their own life to protect or save you.

Helo doesn't know me, not really. I'm not the Sharon he thinks I am. I'm an actress, and I'm supposed to meet up with Six and Five to discuss the next plans. I've got a bad feeling about it all, because I don't want him to die. I don't want... God, I want to save him. I want to get to the Raptor we've got and get him off-planet with me, with our child, and then...

And then I don't know.

I love him. I love him, that's all I know. I'm a Cylon in love with a human, and I'm going to -- God forgive me -- betray my entire race and our plan for the sake of my own selfishness. He can't know that yet, though... what if he doesn't want me when he knows the truth?

More lies. Frak.

I do love you, Helo, though. I hope you'll know that much before you try and kill me.

Muse: Sharon Agathon, née Valerii
Fandom: Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count: 509
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