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This journal is for use in RPGs as well as various writing communities. The mun makes no claim to be either Grace Park or Sharon (in any form). She is the property of the producers of "Battlestar Galactica", and for the purposes of RP will be played differently depending on the universe she is in. (For mun knowledge only!) Spoilers will be marked as such. Sharon will respond to prompts, however, as any of the following versions:

Lt. Junior Grade Sharon "Boomer" Valerii:"Boomer" was a Cylon sleeper agent who had false memories implanted of her childhood. She secretly became romantically involved with Chief Galen Tyrol, and eventually shot then-Commander Adama before being "killed" herself by Specialist Cally Henderson after carrying out several Cylon "missions" unknowingly.

Downloaded "Boomer": Sharon, after being "killed", downloaded into a new body on Caprica. She retained all her memories from Galactica, struggled to come to terms with emotions she didn't understand, and eventually allied herself with "Caprica" Six. It's still unclear what this version's motives are, although she harbors a great antagonism towards Athena. Her newest alliegence led her to side with Brother Cavil in the Cylon Rebellion.

Lt. Junior Grade Sharon "Athena" Agathon: Sharon was sent on Caprica to seduce Lt. Karl "Helo" Agathon, but the two fell in love instead. She became pregnant with his child and held captive aboard Galactica until it was ordered (unknown to her) that her child be taken from her. Sharon and Helo eventually married, and she was granted the new callsign of "Athena" as a sign that she was indeed quite different from the other copies.

Number Eight: Various Cylon models, unnamed, are still alive thanks to the Cylon Rebellion. Most of them act as a singular unit, following the orders of Natalie or whoever else is in charge, but there are other models such as the unnamed one aboard The Hub who accessed all of Athena's memories and consequently "fell in love" with Helo.

((If memories are not working, please go HERE for prompt responses))

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