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I'm Sharon. That's the best way I've learned to describe myself. I hate it when I'm referred to as "Eight", mainly when Three is the one doing the referring. I used to be Sharon Valerii, a girl who was falling in love with someone all while whispers were going around the ship about Cylons.

Then again, I'm a Cylon too.

Cylon, toaster, whatever. Yes, I am one of those frakked up "machines" that destroyed most of the human race. But, I wasn't the one who did the destroying. I was just Sharon, daughter of Katherine and Abraham. I grew up on Troy and lost my family in an accident on the mining colony. Why can't anyone remember that? Why the frak did my programming kick in right as I was about to shake Commander Adama's hand? It's Admiral Adama now, I'm told. There's another Sharon there, another me, but it's not me. She's got her own problems to deal with, I'm sure.

Me? I was killed. Shot in the stomach twice and died in the arms of the man I loved before I downloaded into this body. I'm a hero, you see. That's what Three always said about both me and Six. We were the heroes of the Cylons, and yet I was on Caprica in my old apartment, looking at all the little vases and pictures and items that were there and remembering that they weren't mine. It wasn't real. They had made it feel so real to me. I'd believed, I guess, because I'd wanted to believe. Who wants to find out they're a Cylon, right?

But here's my question. Why can't I just be both? Why can't I be both Sharon and a Cylon? I'm no hero here on Caprica; I know that. My family was back on Galactica, but they won't take me back. I'm not human, after all, so I have no rights, no feelings... nothing. I'm just supposed to do what's programmed and be happy, but guess what? I can't. The Cylons forgot one little thing about me. About humans. And it's not the gods or God or Earth...

It's love. Six knows what I feel. I doubt anyone else does, though. But love was what kept me as Sharon instead of just another toaster. So, that's who I am now, even though the body's different.

I'm Sharon.

Muse : Caprica Sharon
Fandom : Battlestar Galactica
Word Count : 394


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