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I ran.

I ran with Karl, who was only "Helo" to me at the time, but I ran with him.

It might have been fake, I might have been lying to him, but there was still danger all around Caprica at the time. We ran and tried to hide, looking for rations anywhere that we could. We stayed out of the rain as much as possible, seeking shelter that would be "safe", and we ended up falling in love. I ended up pregnant. We didn't have cubits or anything else except each other and in the end, after all was said and done? After we found Earth and Anders sent our ships into the sun, leaving us without technology, money, food, anything?

That's what I ended up with again. Karl. Karl and me, only this time it was Karl, Hera, and me, together at last and finally, finally at peace. We were happy and content and we didn't have to run anymore.

Of course, we had to learn how to take care of ourselves, though. I think it took a good few days before my husband and I decided who would be the "hunter" and who would be the "gatherer".

And more importantly, who would get to teach Hera how to hunt.

It all worked out. We had each other, just like we did when we first met. Sure, it's been hard, but I think it's true what they say. Love can really help you out through tough times, and be the guiding force in the good times.

My small family against the world, and we made it. I think we always will, too.

Muse: Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Fandom: Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count: 274
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