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Contains spoilers for episode 4x20, 'Daybreak, Part Two' )

Muse: Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Fandom: Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count: 370
OOC Note: This prompt reply reflects the original written ending to the series, not the one that was aired.
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I remember screaming as soon as I gasped for breath and saw another me standing nearby. Cylons surrounded me, told me to take deep breath, told me that they loved me. I just kept thinking, no. No, it couldn't be true.

Months later, I was in my apartment on Caprica, and they were trying to move me out of it. Yes, fine, it was an apartment filled with fake memories and an elephant statue that my parents had never given to me and some made-up family picture, too. It was all I had, though. My whole life had been a lie, and then another Cylon was sent over to me to try and talk me out of it all. I won't call her "Six", though. I'm Sharon. I'm Sharon Valerii, and she was, well, Caprica.

Stranger in a Strange Land )

Yes, I joined them. What else could I do? I forsook the gods that the humans wrote about in their Scripture and accepted the Cylon God. I did everything possible to fit into the "new" society I was stuck with, but in the end nothing changed except for me. The Cylons kept chasing the humans, the humans kept running, and I was the one who had to frakking change everything about me.

Now, Caprica's gone and on Galactica. I'm alone again. I tried to change the world and failed, and ended up changing me.

Story of my life.

Muse : Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
Fandom : Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count : 568
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There are only a few things I've ever done that I've regretted doing, and yeah, asking Helo to kill me has to be on the top of that list. But really? Really, I feel like I'm still questioning myself. I know that's odd, considering that Admiral Adama placed trust in me and allowed me to become his "personal advisor" of sorts for awhile. During that time, he was questioning himself, even though he might not have realized it or said it aloud. He needed to be told again what his place was in our fleet and how he needed to forgive himself for things he might have felt guilty about doing or not doing. So, yeah, you'd think that I would have been able to take my own advice on the matter but I can't, somehow.

I just keep thinking back to Caprica and my assignment, and thinking about how I've been telling myself that I frakked it up. How somehow, I became a traitor to my race by siding with the humans. The thing is, what if I didn't frak it up? What if I did exactly what the Cylons wanted me to do? After all, I did manage to get Helo to fall in love with me. I did manage to get pregnant and I had Hera. So what if I fulfilled my assignment unknowingly? What if Hera, who thank God is back home with me now, is more than my daughter?

To look back and learn... )

I just want us to be together, without any covert missions or secret plots involved. It's a lot to ask for these days, I know, but I can still hope.

Muse: Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Fandom : Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count : 511


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