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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD between Kara and Sharon.

It hadn't taken much time to get to Lee's office without an appointment. Helo had known Sharon was going to be out late with Kara, so he wasn't exactly suspicious, either. He was still at home, taking care of Hera.

Sharon was completely drunk, though, and determined to at least talk to Lee about the lunch they'd had with Kara, Sam, and Leoben.

As she was buzzed into Lee's office on the grounds that she had some "very important" information to tell him regarding new intel on Cylon/human relations, she shut the door behind her and looked at him across the desk. She slammed her hands down, hard, on the wood and stared him right in the eyes.

"We need to talk about the other day, Lee. Kara and Leoben know." She was drunk, but she was still rational enough to know that there was no need to play games when it came to this.
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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD

Sharon had been enjoying the comforts of her new chair and clothes, but frankly, it wasn't enough. She knew it was only a matter of time until Lee Adama showed up again, trying to interrogate her for information that she didn't have in exchange for whatever compromise the two of them could come up with.

By her counting, he arrived with the Corpsmen approximately two days later.

She'd been in the middle of some push-ups when the door opened and Lee told the Corpsmen to wait outside of the cell. Sharon stood and grabbed a towel that she'd been given, wiping herself down with it, as she looked over Lee.

"So, does this mean that you've come to negotiate for more? Or are you here under your father's orders?" If he had come of his own free will, she wasn't sure what she would do. Even Helo had stopped coming by, which had made her cry for a few hours from the loneliness, until she realized it was all her own fault.

"I could use some books," she added casually.
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OOC: Completed RP with [ profile] arrow_of_apollo, [ profile] burnandrave, [ profile] cylon_prophet, & [ profile] notmyfate. Takes place in the AU Future!Earth universe. Cross-posted to same.

Kara was dressed in her uniform for the first time in several weeks. It felt strange after so much time in civilian clothes, but she found she was glad to put it on. Kara was a soldier, and while she'd always been a bit unpredictable, there were aspects to military life she enjoyed. The familiarity of something as simple as dress was actually somewhat welcome at the moment, when her entire life felt like it was in such upheaval.

Despite everything that had happened--finding Earth, defeating the Cylons--Kara had to fight back the feeling of impending doom, as if it was all going to be snatched away from her. She was pretty sure it wasn't just her--she wasn't the only one who went outside at night and stared at the night sky, wondering if any of the cold lights above marked the approach of a Cylon basestar--but, as with everything, Kara felt it with an intensity that left her occasionally moody and tense. Having something to do that wasn't working on the house or painting, it was good for her. She'd been nervous about getting her orders, but she shouldn't have been; as she'd thought, the Admiral had told her that she'd be flying a few recon missions, doing some routine patrols in her Viper, but that her primary job would be training new recruits.

Are you grounding me, Sir? she'd asked, standing at attention, not entirely sure if her smile was genuine or forced. It was hard to tell, sometimes, even for her.

I'm giving you a chance to live your life, Adama had said in his gravel-rough voice. you've chosen to live it.

She should have expected that. Her domestic arrangements weren't a secret, after all, and she knew it wasn't going to be easy when she went back to work. Everyone had an opinion, and she was pretty sure she was going to hear about it.

Kara had saluted without saying a word. She pushed back the old longing she had, that desperateness for the Admiral's approval, and had simply taken her orders without comment. (There was a first time for everything, after all.) On her way out of the building that housed the provisional government, she saw a familiar figure ahead of her. Smiling, Kara rushed to catch him, forgetting for a moment everything that lay between them. "Hey, Lee. Or do I have to call you Mr. Vice President, now?" Kara teased, falling into step beside him.

Lee and Kara re-connect, Sam & Leoben are domestically cute with Kara, a surprise dinner is had, and Sharon confesses to Kara that she's having an affair with Lee... )
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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD

Two months. Well, almost two months. Far past the time that Sharon had expected to be away from Hera. Tensions were mounting on the Demetrius, and then all hell had broken loose.

She remembered grabbing Kara and putting her in a chokehold so the mutiny could continue. It wasn't even a question of if she should do it or not -- Sharon, as the only Cylon onboard was the strongest one and pretty much the only one who could physically take down Kara if need be. Nothing had been discussed, but Helo was about to take over command of the ship when Sam shot Felix and... and that was it.

Next thing she knew, she was flying Kara in a Raptor along with that damn Leoben.

She always did act before she really thought things through.

Which was why, she supposed, it shouldn't have surprised her that she had made the jump in the middle of the fleet without the Demetrius, only to have to listen alongside Kara as a Six spoke about uniting the Cylons and humans together. The world was going to hell, and it was just getting worse.

Then Hera was lost. Time was slipping from her mind, but those pictures... the ones Hera had made... she had to shoot the Cylon. It was the only way to save Hera.

She always did act before she really thought things through...

After the Old Man yelled at her, her thoughts turned to the one man she hadn't thought of in all that time she'd been away. Lee. Maybe... maybe Lee could help her, somehow.
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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD

He never saw her. Never kept his promise, but then again, Kara had miraculously come back from the dead, the Cylons had found them, and their whole world had been twisted around all over again.

Once things had calmed down, Helo told her that Lee was quitting the military for good. Part of her was glad, because she realized that she would never have to worry about CAP rotations that he would schedule just so they could be together. Of course, part of Sharon wasn't, because it meant a civilian life for Lee.

She would never see him again... and wasn't that what she wanted? Dee and Lee apparently ended their marriage, so she would never find out the truth, and as for Helo? Well, there was a team he was putting together secretly, and he'd asked her to be part of it. So, Sharon would be with her husband, Lee would be free, they would be apart...

Wasn't that what she wanted?

"So, I pulled a few strings and I'll be your Raptor pilot to take you over to Colonial One," Sharon told Lee, all business, but quite aware of the people that would be waiting for a proper send-off once they got to the hangar bay.

"Are you ready?"
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"Thank you, Karl," Sharon said as she kissed him, mussing up Hera's hair as he held her out for Sharon to say good-bye to. She shook her head at both of them. "It's not like I'm going to be gone that long, you know. And I'm only going with Kara, so there won't be any trouble."

That comment got her a raised eyebrow from one of possibly Kara's closest friends. Sharon just laughed. "Hey, you boys get to hang out all the time. It's only fair that I get a night off without worrying about anything. No CAP rotation, no late night feedings, no grouchy husbands complaining about their jobs..." She kissed Helo once again and waved to Hera as she left their quarters, then made her way through the halls of Galactica until she got to Joe's. Granted, they wouldn't have any ambrosia, but the drinks they had for the crew were still pretty damn good.

Sharon ordered one for herself and waited for Kara to show up.
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OOC: Takes place after THIS THREAD

Sharon had done a good job lying to her husband while both she and Lee were "trapped" for two days on the cargo ship. She'd talked to Helo and Hera over the wireless a few times, thanks to Admiral Adama being understanding, and Lee had done the same with Dee.

Then, the world fell apart.

The trial against Gaius Baltar was set to begin, and Lee, for reasons she didn't understand, had decided to assist the defense. It didn't matter though, she kept telling herself, because they were back onboard Galactica and Hera was there. Life could go back to normal.

One day, though, Helo had come back to tell Sharon that Lee was being referred to as "Mister Adama". No one really seemed to know what was going on, but Sharon saw Dee later that day looking... well, upset, definitely. Sad? A little bit. But she wasn't about to go up to her fellow crewmember and ask, "So, did your husband tell you about us?"

After all, there wasn't an "us" to discuss. Right?

Still, it didn't stop Sharon from cornering Lee while the deliberation was going on. She was still a little shaken from her shared dream - vision? - with Caprica and President Roslin. Hera was being looked at again by Cottle. She knew she didn't have a lot of time, but the other fellow, Lampkin, was busy talking to Gaius Baltar.

"Hey." It wasn't the best way to start, but Sharon didn't know what to say. She looked around nervously and sighed. "What happened? Did she figure it out? Or did you finally confess?" Either way, it made him a better person than she was, she figured.
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After being in hack along with Cally and Dee, Sharon was very happy to get back to life with Hera and Helo. It wasn't much, but it was all hers.

She did feel bad for Caprica, though, who was still in the cell they had set up for Sharon over a year ago. Idly, she wondered if the reason she hadn't been placed into that cell was because they didn't trust two Cylons together, or if because she had earned enough trust and respect that a "normal" cell in the brig would do.

"Hey, baby. I'm home."
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Sharon had just gotten off CAP and knew Helo was still busy running Dogsville, so she'd changed out of uniform and hurried along to Galactica's daycare center, smiling as she passed people in the blue-tinted A-shaped hallways.

This place had become such a wonderful home. She'd never really admit it to anyone except her husband, though. Kara, maybe, but no one else. It was a family in every sense of the word, and despite the looks and whispers that still ran through the ship, she felt more at home here than she had on Caprica, getting orders from others.

Here, she had a happy marriage – although they had their small arguments now and then – but most importantly? She had Hera. Her daughter, her lovely daughter who shouldn't even exist – frak it all, who hadn't existed to her for over a year! And yet, she was smiling and clapping her hands, waiting to be picked up as Sharon walked in the door.

Everyday life )

Sharon made a slight detour and walked to Admiral Adama's quarters, remembering the talk he'd had with her and Helo as he'd told them the news. Helo had responded by telling him that out of anyone, the Admiral should know the pain of losing a child. In her anger, Sharon had missed that the Admiral had said something along the lines of, "But your child is alive. Be grateful for that." The door was open to his quarters when she arrived, and Sharon took Hera's hand in hers, making small waving motions to the Old Man.

"Thank you, sir. You're right. I'm grateful."

Muse : Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Fandom : Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count : 441
OOC Note: This prompt response is canon through the episode "Dirty Hands" and is a ficlet based on my own interpretation of the muse during this time period.
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The whole thing had actually been Sharon's idea. Cally wasn't invited, of course, but otherwise all the wives (meaning Sharon, Kara, and Dee) were going to get together and talk over at Joe's. She'd made sure that there would be no men there when they gathered and she'd kissed Hera goodnight before leaving her with Helo.

"Sorry, Karl," she told him, which meant it was pretty serious business since she hardly ever referred to him by his real name, "but so far it's been nothing but work and no play for us girls. Or haven't you ever noticed we never get to just hang out and talk like you men do?" A quick kiss on Helo's cheek, and Sharon was off to Joe's, waiting to see Kara and Dee.

If the men got to talk about flying or fighting or frakking, why couldn't the women? After all, everyone knew they talked about it far more than the men anyway.


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