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Yes. I have, sort of, already. I didn’t want to, which I suppose is pretty weird considering that I’m a member of the Colonial Fleet, but we’re in a war. We’re fighting the Cylons to survive, and so when the order came down to me that I had to tell Apollo and Starbuck that they had to shoot the Olympic Carrier? I guess that was when it all became real for me. I wasn’t in the Cylon War, so I never knew what it was like until that moment. Frankly, I guess I didn’t kill a human, either, since that’s up to the Viper jocks. I guess my answer is that yes, I would, but I hope to the Gods that I don’t have to.


I’ve killed Cylons before without a second thought. Granted, one of the first times was when I killed a Six who was kissing Helo as part of the elaborate plan to get him to fall in love with me, but she was dead all the same. The next time I killed a Cylon, I was still on Caprica with Helo, only this time it was another Eight that I had to shoot to save my future husband. It doesn’t matter whether you kill a Cylon or not if there’s a Resurrection Ship or Baseship nearby, because all we’ll do is download our consciousness into a new body. Simple.

Humans? Not so simple. Sure, I’m a commissioned officer in the Colonial Fleet now, thanks to Admiral Adama, and I’ve shot up my fair share of Centurians along the way. But humans? Out and out murder? Well, the answer is yes. I’ve come pretty close to killing some anyways. When Doc Cottle told me that Hera was dead, I was certain that he had killed her and if the marines hadn’t pulled me away, I would have happily choked him to death. When Admiral Adama told me President Roslin had lied about Hera’s death, I was ready to kill her myself. And Cally… oh, Cally. Stupid racist bitch that she is, I try to stay out of her way most of the time but when it looked like she was the one behind the bombings in the Raptors all because of frakking Baltar’s trial? I told her. I warned her (with my sidearm pressed against her face) that I’d kill her myself if the scuttlebutt was true.

The most important thing to remember about me, though, is that I love my family. You frak with them? You frak with me. So when Boomer had the tenacity to come onboard Galactica after having shot the Admiral? I got her kicked off. And if Caprica hadn’t stopped her when she did, I would have killed her myself for trying to strangle my poor daughter. Just leave me and mine alone, and I’ll leave you alone, but don’t think for a second that I won’t pull a sidearm on you or snap your neck if I have to. Trust me, if Tyrol and Helo hadn’t killed that man from Pegasus when they had, I would have done it myself.

Downloaded Boomer

I tried not to, so many times. Caprica was the one who killed Three right before my eyes, and I was the one who let Starbuck’s guy leave unharmed. It was the start, I figured, of human-Cylon peace. Of us being able to live together the way that God had intended. New Caprica showed me that I was wrong about that, though, and being stuck on the Baseship with that howling, annoying daughter of Sharon’s just pissed me off. Half-human, half-Cylon? She deserved to die. She deserved to die because she was the perfect little answer to everything I’d ever hoped for. Cally shot me and then married the man I loved. Sharon got to be the perfect “daughter” to Adama, and I got nothing. I didn’t kill any humans, even though I thought they deserved it. I didn’t get a chance to kill Hera like I wanted to. I don’t know… maybe… maybe I can’t. Maybe there’s a difference between wanting to, being able to do it, and then being in the moment with your hands wrapped around a throat, squeezing. I didn’t do it then. I didn’t kill Adama like I was programmed to… so maybe I’m flawed, somehow. Who the frak knows.

Model Eight

Humanity deserves to die. We’ve searched for answers for so long, and yet the one that keeps coming back to us is that humanity is flawed. They attempted to wipe us out over forty years ago, and yet God in His love helped us. We will find Earth, we will be patient as Leoben says, and we will destroy them. New Caprica was a failure, proving that humans and Cylons could not co-exist. Yet, that’s not entirely the question, is it? ‘Would we kill a fellow Cylon’ is the better question to ask us.

We have.

Three was a flawed design. The model ignored us, ignored the votes, and chose its’ own path. There cannot be individualism. We are a collective and we think and act as such. We agreed, all of the Eights, along with the Cavils, the Leobens, the Sixes… and the Threes defied us. There was no choice. We took action and boxed the entire line of Threes, forever ending their individualism and their flaws. All of the thoughts, memories, and everything that the model ever experienced are lost forever. It’s for the best, however, because now we can persevere.

As one.

Muse : Sharon (Boomer, Athena, Downloaded Boomer, & Eight versions)
Fandom : Misc. TV/"Battlestar Galactica"
Word Count : 925

Date: 2007-04-21 11:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Like them all, but the Eight one especially. Very chilling.

Date: 2007-04-23 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I'm trying new things with the muse, so I'm glad to know it worked!


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